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90s playlists and coffee!


 Coffee shops are the new office! I'm sitting here right now next to about 5 other people all on their lap tops. Do we talk to each other? No. Are we exchanging awkward glances? Sometimes. It's like the unwritten code of the self employed. Thou shalt blog in an a sociable environment and avoid eye contact at all costs. I get it. Creating is a lonely process and I wish someone would have taught around the subject is college. To be honest I wish someone had taught me anything in college. Actually college wasn't too bad, University was the utter waste of time, but I digress. The older I'm getting the more I'm realizing just how little the education ysytem prepares artsits for the real world. I was thinking of putting together a course to help the younger ones get their footing early. I am learning so much that just wasn't shared with me. It's hard to find a course on line to learn from that isn't entirely just another artist trying to promote their own work, which I get but it's not what's needed. I've been putting together a template for moving forward with my work and so far it seems to be working. I'm getting more commissions, selling more work ( which is awesome ) and learning more about how to connect with you guys. I wish I'd known then what I know now.



I can't however just keep adding things to my never ending list. I am already regretting some of the stuff that I've piled on my plate this year but I am hanging onto it none the less. After a few weeks where I went a little ( read completely ) off course I am back on it this week and I feel back to my normal self again. I do need a little time this weekend to sit down and reorganise my next quarter which I think might be a little more hectic than this one. I am sitting with my marketing manager ( my friend Debbie ) at the end of this month so that we can go through what I need to improve on and all the little bits that I need to let go of and what I need to hold onto. That's another thing I wish I had learned years ago, accountability! Especially in the early stages of creating art I think you need someone to sit with you every now and again to remind you of the things you set out to do for yourself and she does that for me. She's an absolute star!



Anyway, I need to go walk my dog for a while and then sit my bum down in front of my commission which might be a problem because I am currently in a warm place that serves coffee with my 90s music playlist. This is a happy place!



Thank you for reading.



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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