Ryan James


All art is valid.


 As I've said before art is not my day job. That doesn't make it any less important to me or make me any less of an artist. I happen to love my day job and I have no intention of giving it up to solely pursue art. I've tried just choosing one avenue and it never works in my favour. I've come to know myself as someone who likes a lot of different expressions and I like to keep myself active in all of them. I used to really beat myself up about being unfocussed or wrestling with that bitchy phraze an old english teacher said to me once, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”. These days I've come to learn that I'm just an artist. I want to do 5 things at once, I want to paint, draw and make music so why not. If no one likes it then it won't stop me. I've not had a huge collector base for the last 20 years and I haven't stopped drawing yet. I love it and that's just that.



I spent a long time thinking that I wasn't a legitimate artist if I didn't earn from it but truth be told, the second you pick up a pen and draw ANYTHING, a stick figure, a line of a poem, a half written novel, three notes of a song, whatever it is you have decided to create you are an artist like any other. We all work differently, share differently and our work constantly evolves. I put up an old sketchbook of mine on my vlog recently ( links to the right ) and I can just how much my work has shifted. If anything I am becoming less rigid, less detail orientated and more focussed on the flow and narrative of whatever I'm creating. I've been sharing a lot of my sketchbook work lately just because that's really all I've been working on. I've not had as much time as I'd like to draw and sketch but my routine of a mandatory 20 minutes a day sketchbook time is helping me plod along a little. Even that small amount at the end of a long day with a big cuppa and some watercolours puts me in a cool meditative space. Yes, there are times when I still judge myself and there are times when the old ego based noise crowds my mind but that's where art becomes my best friend and my therapist.



Whether your an artist by trade or an artist in spirit find that space within your life to create. Anything at any point. No one has to see it. You don't have to show it to the world. Just give yourself room to make something and once you're done, make something else.



Just keep going.



Thank you for reading.



Big Love,



Ryan James x




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