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 I think one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received when it comes to selling art is to have clear pricing AND to have a tier system. Have art that is under £50, art that is between £200-500 and then your bigger pieces which are £1000 or over. I know it can be different for different artists but generally something cheaper, something mid price and then something more expensive is generally a good platform to build your business on. I have done a lot in my mid range and more expensive tier but as it turns out 4 foot paintings of fairies are not selling like hot cakes?!? Who knew! Haha! So, this year I have been working on my under £50's and actually loving it. I love being able to get two pieces done in a day and all I've really done is switch from doing lots of work in my sketchbooks to just doing some of it on watercolour paper. I am building up a fair amount of images and I have already bookmarked a few to put up in my own studio. Most of the watercolour pieces are around £30 depending on how long they took and doing them has really helped me to get to some finer points about this medium. On top of that I have been participating in as many online art challenges as I can and right now it's “March of the Robots!” so if you're wondering why I have so many robots on my page right now, that's why!



Building a business takes time and because it's not my day job I do find it a tricky balance to dedicate my time towards making the things that I love in the time that I have. I do always manage to get something done each day but I love just sitting there and falling into my paints and crayons without having to consider anything else which you can't always do when you are self employed. These quicker, cheaper pieces are amazing at just letting me leap frog over over a tonne of obstacles and helping me to not only be creative but also productive in the time that I have. Also there's something about having a limited amount of time that makes me more focussed. When you have 3 hours to spare for a drawing you spend three hours on it, when you have 1, you spend 1. While I know it's not mentally healthy to push yourself all the time just having routines in place to make sure that I am ticking along really helps me. The main things I do to help myself is the most simple thing to do, make a list. I LOVE a list and getting to tick something off is a little slice of heaven for me! ( yes, I'm a dork... but a productive one! ). The trick with lists is to do your best to make them chronological. What tasks need doing and what priority do you give those tasks?



Of course when it comes to running a business the main thing to have in place is a rock solid foundational self care system. Your body is your business and if that goes down or get's sick then you can't work or play. No matter what is in front you I give myself an opt out clause in everything which is to walk away if it starts feeling too much. Art for me is a love, a meditation and a sanctuary and even though it is becoming a business ( and one that I am proud of ) I never want to lose that pieces that drew me here in the first place. Remember artists, this is meant to be savoured and enjoyed, so enjoy it!



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