Ryan James


Ask not what art can do for you but...


 Creativity has literally saved my life. I first discovered it's power when I was knee deep in the horrid bullying dark mess that was pretty much my entire childhood. Art was an escape. It was a place where I felt I had control. It was a place where my madness and rage were all O.K because there were no boundaries. The only people I ever seemed to connect with were people who are unapologetically surrendering to the pull of their own creative pulse. When you have to get up at three in the morning to write something down, there isn't a person in my life that doesn't understand that and I'm so grateful. Art was a world I could and still do, fully surrender to. At first I wrote stories, then I did paintings, then came music and I made albums, now I'm doing a bit of everything. I no longer feel the desperate need to escape, there is no more solace in the art I make, it's more about whichever way the wind has blown that day. Like all of the places we escape to they eventually become places in which we find our truest selves. All we can really ask for is that we find some companions along the way to share this creative blitz with.



I love drawing with people, or making music with others. The only thing I don't enjoy sharing really is writing. It seems to be a more solitary act for me. I need the room to be quiet, the dog to be chilled out and the distractions to be minimum. Late at night with incense and lamp light is the perfect time to delve into the world that is spilling from my brain and onto the laptop screen. I have so many ideas that it's hard to choose which one to go with. It's hard to choose which world to embrace for the next few months. I've learned it's best to let the world itself decide. When something really wants to come through you and onto the planet I truly believe that it will find a way. It's hard to remain centred when you stand in the middle of a creative mind. I'm not saying this to be all tortured and woe is me, sod that, I'm just stating a fact. I think one of my favourite Meme's I saw on line was one that said “a creative mind is like having 1000 browsers open on your lap top all at the same time and finding each of them equally exciting!”. That's what it's like to wake up every day. To get a painting, a song, a book finished takes discipline and that's something that I'm still learning.



It takes me time to grow into a project. Like everything else in my life I am not a fan of quick change. When I wake up in the morning I like to ease into my day. A cuppa and a look out over the sea, a stretch on the yoga matt and then a hot shower. By 9 o clock I am ready to face whatever my task is that day. I love it. I get to play every day. I get to wake up inside a world of art and make as I go along. Art has no only saved my life, it has become it. Let it do the same to you!



Thank you,



Big Love,



Ryan James


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