Ryan James


Being Vulnerable IS being strong.


Being vulnerable IS being strong.



I spent years trying to protect myself from pain and I believed, like many others that to be vulnerable was to be weak. But what is vulnerability really? It's just a state of authenticity. It's an honesty. It's saying to yourself that yes, that DID hurt. When people try to be “strong” all they're doing is moving themselves into a state of denial. In that denial you completely abandon the actual emotion in your system and try to force something else in it's space. To be vulnerable is to be in a state of complete honesty with yourself.



Every time I sit at the piano and write, every time I journal in my paper diaries or write on here I am ready to be vulnerable. To put myself honestly out there. Of course I grow and change as often as I can but if I am not honest as a starting block then change can't come. Change and evolution need a solid starting block on which to leap from and that starting block for me has always been being honest. To be honest you need to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable you have to understand that some things are just going to hurt. Fear of that hurt is only a fear that you wont survive it. You can. Most of you already have done.



When you dramatise your pain you give it more power than it ever really has.



It's ok to be vulnerable. It's ok to be fragile. It's ok if you're hurting. Admit where you are and it will open doors to where you want to be.



Big Love



Ryan James



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