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Could it be?

Yep! Im back! Not that I ever really went away. I suppose if I wanted to make myself sound more interesting or be a tad dramatic about it I could say that I went “underground” but I've just been here. Drawing, painting and singing away just keeping it a lot more low key these days....until now!! Mwaahha! Ironically it's a lovely lazy Sunday and I'm curled up by the fire with my dog and I thankfully still have some Chrsitmas chocolates left to work my way through. ( Rock and Roll )Seeing as we are still technically in the Christmas season I still technically don't have to feel guilty about eating them until the day after New Years Day... right? I really have eaten my own body weight in Celebrations, Hero's and my favourite.. Quality Street and the gym is looming at me. You heard me...looming. It's really not going to be fun when I have to go back tomorrow. I've spent the last two days playing Florence Nightingale to my sniffly ball of germs boyfriend and I'm praying he gets better soon but I atleast have had the time tonight to actually finish this site enough to upload something. I know it's not perfect and I know, like my other site, that it will change and grow as I need it to but I think for now at least everything I need to be is here. There is a place to share and sell my art, my music and my poetry and my writing.


I have a lot of goals for 2015 artistically. Mostly I want to be the best artist I can be. I want to paint the best paintings I can paint, be the best musician I can be and write the best books I can create. I have been practicing my painting skills and I have been slowly working back my confidence when it comes to gigging. It's the technical skill of all my creativity that I want to work on elevating and I can't wait to see how far I can push myself. Push myself is the wrong phraze, I want to elevate my craft. Since I last shared on here a lot has happened. I finished another album called “Dirt To the Fold” with my friend and producer Ray Davies ( VOA records ) and I have done a local gig just to see where I was with it emotionally. I have taken such a big gigging break after the last tour I was worried about how I was going to feel about it all but as soon as I was back on stage I was enjoying myself again and I'm knee deep in working on new material to share with you all. It just felt right to be back up there and I laughed too much to not want to do it again. I have also written a novel over the last year andI am in the final editing space of that before I go and look for a publisher. It's been very creatively incremental and now it's time for me to share where I go next.



So here we are, at the beginning of something again. I wanted to blog my creative journey this year and I have no idea what's going to happen but I do know that I am going to share it all with you on here. I will explore more music videos, more writing, more poetry, more art, more books and everything else in between. Please don't forget to share my work. It's still very much a one man show over here and my work is word of mouth so the more people you tell, the more work I get. It's that simple. Help us artists out! Also I have a mailing list here which you can join up to. From what I gather Facebook is about to seriously clamp down on people advertising their wares so mailing lists and blogs are going to be the way we all communicate and covertly advertise ourselves.



Thank you for tuning in after such a long break!



Big Love,



Ryan James





P.S. Yes all of my old domain names now go to this site!  

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