Ryan James


Feeling uninspired?


When inspiration leaves you ITS OK! It can feel traumatic and just downright horrible but you WILL continue to breathe. Inspiration is a temperamental beast that comes and goes of it's own free will. DO NOT stop creating just because you aren't feeling inspired. There are times when I have 100 ideas a minute and times when I don't feel drawn to create anything. Those are times when I work on my craft. Just because I'm not inspired doesn't mean that I can't learn a new painting technique, it doesn't mean I can't learn a new instrument, it doesn't mean I can't work on my writing technique. Maybe inspiration needs you to grow your craft because what it has for you is beyond what you can currently do? Maybe something bigger and greater than you have ever created before is about to erupt through your system and explode all over your life. Maybe not. Maybe you just need a break. Maybe you are just creatively tired. That doesn't mean you can't still practice. I was taught in collage to only create when inspired. It was a crap lesson that took me a while to shake. CREATE ALWAYS. For as long as you are an artist there will be ebb and flow. There will be periods of heightened inspiration and times when you eat too much cake whilst watching Netflix. Go easy on yourself but KEEP GOING!



I Love you.



Ryan James x

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