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Find your TRIBE!


 When you're writing, painting or generally doing anything creative you sink into a space free from overt stress, free from overthinking and more often than not free from people. One of the things that I got used to pretty quickly when delving into my momentum as a creative was living a monastic type of life. I can spend days by myself and I'm completely O.K with it. Human beings however are designed to intergrate, we are built for each other and we are also built for variety so even though I love my alone time I equally love time with other people. At least once a week I go and write in a local cafe. I meet other writers I know there and more often than not run into people I know for a good natter. Just being in the middle of that bustle can help me a lot with the creative process. I do have the option of a quiet house but when I'm at home too much I find that I end up wasting more time that I should. Netflix has long been an enemy of my creativity! One thing I have noticed though as I have gotten older is that my social circles have moved to a place where I have less contact with creative people. I do miss that. So, I'm thinking of putting together a group. Monthly meet ups, we could enter art competitions, things like that, you know, fun stuff! If you live in Swansea and are interested send me a message!



Artists do need other artists and just reaching out on line doesn't cut it. We need physical contact with each other and it's just fun to be in that vibe. I actually didn't enjoy my time at art college or Uni. I always felt out of place there for many different reasons but the one thing that kept me there was the connection you get with other creatives when you are all in one room making stuff. You can bounce ideas off each other if need be and discover new techniques and it's just nice to sit and draw in company. I've also found the same is true of writing or having a jam with other musicians. It can be lonely, it can be tough and it can certainly be stressful so if you are feeling any of these things wherever you are reading this to then reach out. If there is no space for creatives around you then create one. I'm in the process of doing so myself.



We all innately seek connection. We seek to be understood first by ourselves and then hopefully the world around us. Finding your “tribe” is of great spiritual and creative value and I highly suggest it. I am always on the look out for another “Merry band of Freaks!” that I can be comfortable with. My tribe has grown slowly. I've embraced that we are all nuts and I love them all dearly but there's always room for more! More creativity. More understanding. More light. More love. It's everywhere and I want a piece!



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Ryan James



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