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I thought I would start this blog by talking you through my latest commission. I didn't video blog it because my schedule has been all over the place recently and now that Windows 10 has downloaded itself onto my laptop I've literally had to move all my files because it's messed with them! Anyhoo! It all started with this old picture that the client wanted painted up! 



I started with putting light layers of acrylic on the canvas.

Then I added spray paints. A light dusting of purple and blue.



Then using watered down white acrylic and a toothbrush I added speckles to give it texture.



Then came time to transfer the image which I did with Saral Transfer paper, I actually tried to carbonite paper for the first time on this piece but didn't like it. I think I prefer the white waxy version.



little tip: to make the image easier to transfer photocopy it. The paper is a bit thinner and easier to use for this purpose!



Skin tone: naples yellow, cadmium red, white, flesh tone and a very cheap pink I found.


Basic colours down. From here on it's all about line work and shading.


oops forgot the filigree!



I use posca markers to get the lines as straight as I can and then I go over them with black acrylic to thicken them up and smooth them out. Posca on canvas can be a nightmare but using it with acrylics can make the most of your time.




The camera didn't pick up all the colours properly but you get the jist of how she turned out! I hope you like her, I'm thinking of getting some postcards made. Obviously this is a commissioned piece so it's already sold! 


Thanks for tuning in!


Big Mighty Love,


Ryan James x

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