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I love a creative mess!


With only four songs left to go before this album is completely finished I am sitting here this morning thinking of ways I can promote it. I've worked poor Ray half to death with a cacophony of weird attempts at drum noises and blank expressions which he obviously must interpret as exactly what is in my head but to be honest, whatever I have brought to the table in this process, he has made it even better. I can't wait to show you what we have been working on, it sounds different from anything I've done before which is a conscious choice. It has Ray's style all over it which is exactly what I wanted, it is a thick, layered, orchestral collection and it won't be too long before it's all finished!



I think I've also had a touch of the post tour blues, I've been a bit mopey and have been cwtching into my creative room. Making it all comfy, packing my equipment away and getting ready to do more writing. I have a new album in mind already and have already started writing for that, I also have a poetry book in mind and a fiction novel, everything is still very much in the early stages right now so I'll just see how I plod along with it all I just think I need the focus right now to get me back on track. All my lists are in place, it's just going down them and ticking them off as I go along!



On the art front I have a few more commissions to finish off and then it's onto my exhibition work which is almost too exciting for me. I haven't properly painted in ages and I think I am going to need some new brushes because mine are looking a bit sorry for themselves!



I'll keep you posted as I go along and don't forget to keep checking back on the facebook group for more regular updates!



Big Love



Ryan James




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