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It's kind of weird right?


 It's kind of weird right? It doesn't really feel like the new year until the first full week of the year starts and that's tomorrow! It's probably only my control freak virgo brain that thinks like this but until the first Monday of the year I tend to not really know whether I am coming or going! So no more holidays for a little while and back into whatever new years resolution routine you promised yourself you'd start. Personally, I've started juicing and going back to the gym. I'm currently sat here with the infamous “Mean Green” juice that I found out about after watching the Netflix documentary called “Fat, Sick and nearly dead.”. I figure one of these a day should be enough plus juicing is a good way to get tonnes of vitimins into the body without having to sit there and eat plates and plates of the stuff ( yes Im a bad vegetarian ). I also used my HOBBYCRAFT voucher that I had for Christmas ( Thanks mum ) and they had a sale on so I got a tonne of canvas', brushes and bits of useless crap that I don't need but must have really cheap. Firstly though there is this one canvas ( above ) that has been literally staring at me for a while. My issue is colour... always colour. I strive to get the balance right but it takes me a while with some paintings. I'm also giving textured paste a go this week, I bought it with the rest of the horde! Never used it before so can't wait to see what it brings to what I do.




I also uploaded more of my images to my www.society6.com/wolfecity  over the weekend so now you can get a few of my things on tote bags and pillow cases and iphone cases and all that stuff. I still have more to put up on there whilst figuring out how to work the damned website but at least I've made a start. It just something else to do with all these images I've drawn. I'm going to go through my sketchbooks and see what needs to be painted up and what I want to make next.  If you can think of anything else or anywhere else I can put things like this then drop me an email or a message! I'm still working to set myself up a bit more and get my work out there more so all the help you can give me will be greatly received.




I was also thinking of doing a little vlogging for this site. What do you think? It's still all new and in it's early stages so I'm open to trying everything. I know I'm going to do a Youtube music upload soon I just haven't rehearsed much over the Christmas break but as soon as it's up I'll let you know. 

Thank you for listening and checking in again and for sharing my facebook page around. I haven't had a lot of commissions yet but it's still close to Christmas I expect and I've had plenty of enquiries so that's a good start! 

Big Love,

Ryan James




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