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Leave it alone!


Intuitive timing in creativity is, in my opinion, the absolute turning point in whether a project is a success or not. Knowing when to put something down for a while or leave it and move onto something else is crucial in making sure that you take the best from whatever you are creatively invested in. I have learned this the hard way. Over the years I have killed songs by over working them and destroyed paintings by trying to take them somewhere they don't want to go. I have learned that listening to my gut when it comes to my creative process is invaluable. All creatives have been taught to try and validate their work by academic standards. I certainly have been guilty of this. Start a project, work on a project, finish a project. Seems simple right? Not for a creative mind. It's more like start several projects, two of them merge then break apart again, then start again somewhere else, finally get the right idea, torture yourself to see whether the idea is good enough, do it all the night before the deadline. If I had a penny for every canvas or song I finished the night before I was meeting with a client I'd be loaded!



I have read tonnes of blogs out there that all say the same thing. TAKE BREAKS. I literally get up and leave my writing desk at least once per page when writing a word document, I watch insane amounts of Netflix when I am painting and I walk around the room and stretch when I am making music. I'm not in anyway ADHD, I CAN sit still but taking a breath in the middle of your creative fury can give you valuable distance to see where your project needs to go. This is the complete opposite of what we are generally taught in University or college courses. We are taught to sit down and get it done and then write a few thousand words on it and ( the one thing that used to get right on my tah tah's ) source your inspiration for your project. “I just had the idea” never seemed to cut it so many of classmates were forced to find other artists who made work similar to their final piece to claim as inspiration. I hope the creative education system has changed since my time there and from what I am hearing from the younger generation I think it has or is atleast beginning to.



We all want to make good work so the best way to do that is create a space for your good ideas to flourish. Over working them is equivalent to beating them till their dead. There are some songs that have been so over worked that they will never see the light of day and there are some paintings that have been binned because they have been ruined. Distance is the room your inspiration needs to grow. Act upon the idea and then remain loyal to it. Give it room to breathe. This is why I have always found it best to have a few projects on the go. Sometimes when I am working on a painting and I get a better idea for a song or a book or anything inbetween. I jot the idea down and if I feel like it then I go ahead and do some work on it. If not, I come back to it later. From the outside this can look like one glorious mess but to me it's an intutive collaboration that ensures I remain in a good feeling space.



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