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It's actually been a few weeks now I think since I updated this blog but don't worry I haven't fallen off the grid. I've just been chilling out a bit more, getting my keyboard fixed ( hopefully ) and working my butt off in my day job. Just usual stuff, I have been smacked by the gods with a wonderful lurg so here I am, curled up in bed at 10 at night writing away and chatting to my dog.



It's been a lovely few weeks and it's been nice to chill from being so blog intensive. Recording has gone swimmingly and Ray and I finished “Meat”, a new track which I can't wait to share with you all. The upcoming gigs are getting scarily close and I am just looking forward to meeting some new people, getting some new experiences and having some more fun. I will admit though I am not looking forward to being away from Stuart, so that's the only downside.



I haven't really worked in any of my books and besides a few commissions I haven't done much painting either. I am just filling my sketchbooks and list-books with ideas. After I come back I am planning a CRUNCH time with a few projects, I am also going to revamp this website, ( I think it's looking a little sloppy ) and I'll go from there.



I'll check in again soon but now I must wipe my nose... AGAIN!



Big Snotty Love


Ryan James


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