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Margaret Thatchers passing.



Margaret Thatcher



A woman who seems to be revered and hated in equal proportion. On the news of her death I have already seen countless news feeds, twitter explosions and some sick celebrations of the event. Do we as a nation have the brainpower left to distinguish between the person and the work? How would you feel if it was your mother or family member? Please, if you can't respect her then show enough respect for yourself to act admirably. I too, strongly disagree with a lot of her political decisions but I admire her strength for achieving what she did. Celebrating someone's death says WAY more about you than it ever will about her.



She is in our minds because she achieved something no woman has done before her or has since, she became prime minister of Great Britain. I think that achievement in itself is admirable especially in the climate for women at the time. If you can look passed what you agreed or disagreed with in her political views she was simply a woman who strode to achieve something and then did it. And if there's one thing you can say about Mrs Thatcher is that when she said she was going to do something, she did it.



I am not writing this to explore her political views or the ways in which she shaped the country. As a welsh man to not have an avid hatred of Thatcher is almost blasphemous, but I don't. I don't have an avid hatred of any human being. And please remind yourself that she was a human being. She was a mum, a wife, she wrapped Christmas presents and she drank tea. As I watched today so many people “dance on her grave” before she's even in the ground I had to express my disgust. Is this what we have become now? Do we no longer distinguish between disagreeing with someone's views and hating them as a person? Are we so invested in our own opinions that we can no longer see outside of them?



A woman died of altzheimer's today. Do you really need to know who she was or what she did in her lifetime to know how to react to it?



Big Love



Ryan James


April 08, 2013 @04:30 pm
by — Ryan James

No, I don't need to know. A man was killed and left 20 children behind, of course it's sad. I don't agree with any of his actions obviously I just think the second we start dehumanising each other we become part of the problem. Big Love Ryan James

April 08, 2013 @01:32 pm
by — Anon

In may 2011 a man was shot multiple times as armed men broke into his home shooting everyone inside. The man was a freedom fighter who fought for the ideals of his people and led them through the most significant time in his groups history. he achieved things that nobody in his position had ever hoped to. The man had more than 20 children who all mourned his death as well as his many followers. A man was murdered, do we need to know any more about him to know how to react? Perhaps you should - that man was Osama Bin Laden.

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