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Progress, not perfection.


 I skip from video to video watching artist after artist, musician after musician, writer after writer and every time I'm left there thinking, “I haven't done enough!”. Somehow my brain compeltely forgets that I just looked in on several artists lives and then my brain melds everything I've seen together in one gigantic super emorphous, hyper productive artist. I look at the 4 sketchbooks I'm working in right now, the album, the novels, the memoir even and in that moment it all just looks like it's not enough. Then begins the gentle coaxing of myself of the artistic ledge and back to planet sanity where I can just keep myself creatively mobile. I'm back in a really good creative space right now. Every day I'm writing, I'm drawing and now that my teeth are all fixed I am back to practicing music again ( although I haven't quite managed a daily practice of that yet ). Even with everything I do on top of my daily business there is a mantra that I am using right now that is keeping me sane, “Progress, not perfection”. Even if I do one rough sketch or a handful of sentences that's still more than I would have done. Little by little, piece by piece I feel like I am taking steps. Baby steps yes but steps none the less.



The only real obstacle right now to me creating is that I am moving house but to be honest I am super excited to see what my next art studio is going to be like. We've already sold the house that we are in but we havent' found a place to go yet which isn't great seeing as the housing market in the areas we want to be in are just stupidly slow. I have faith that the Universe will deliver and I really would rather not rent so cross your fingers for me. The art studio that I have here is just too warm. I swear I can't paint in there, or make music during the day, especially in the summer. I sweat through everything I wear in minutes and I don't know about you but sweating for me is probably the grossest thing ever! EVER! I can cope with it in a gym but in my safe space? Nah. I'd rather the cold. Actually I prefer being cold. I want a space I can spread out in. When we first bought this place I wasn't even considering making money from my art, it was music all the way but after that tanked I needed to use the space differently. So I did and now it's just too cramped. It's awesome to be looking at houses with an art studio in mind though. Even though we havent' found one yet still I have managed to keep my tantrums to a minumum, “Progress, not perfection.”. Each place we see is a place to tick off the list of potentials.



In light of all this change I am working much more on smaller pieces of art. Half my studio is already packed up so I am using the time to sketchout the kids book ideas I've had rattling around in my head for ages. As soon as I am set up I want to start doing video again, although, I may have time for a chat and draw maybe. Do you think that's a good idea? Would you be interested in me nattering away with sketching? Let me know, I do want to create a platform to share my work in that way and it seems to be the way people are telling their stories these days. I have so much I want to do and I think this house move will be good for me to get focussed on what I need to be working on. I know I get easily distracted but under the watchful eye of the countless lists I make for myself I do get things done. Little by little yes but, they do get done. Speaking of which I have a movie to watch and a dragon to draw so, it's been a lovely catch up and I shall keep you informed of what's next!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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