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Secrets and Privacy!

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Secrets and Privacy.



I do share a lot with you lot! I share my lessons and my ideas, my thoughts and my dreams, sometimes my inner workings and political ideas. I am, as always, constantly growing and changing and these blogs have helped me to define parts of my character and figure myself out. There's something about seeing your ideas written down in front of you that helps you look at them differently. I am also very grateful that so many of you respond on my facebook accounts and directly on here. I have learned more about you lot too and that's what it's all about for me, connecting.



That doesn't mean I give away everything that is me. I have plenty of secrets and things happening in my life that are private in nature. I think surrendering out anything that in nature is private is unhealthy and I know it because I did it years ago! I share what I feel inspired to and what I think will help. I share my emotional processes and lessons. I share because I love to do it and I share because that's the kind of world I want to create around myself. People willing to share from a space of love and integrity.



There are some things I am willing to give away and some that I'm not. There are some secrets that feel incredible to release to the world and some in which that would feel a betrayal. As always you are welcome to take from me what I willingly give but there are some things that are meant for me. And just me. Respect your secrets, your privacy and your boundaries.



Big Love



Ryan James





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