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The good kind of tired!

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No word of a lie, last night's gig was one of my favourites in a while. I don't think I've been that excited to play in years and I well and truly had fun. Sera Rabbett's LIVE MATTERS event was every bit the candle lit acoustic extravaganza I expected it to be. My keyboard survived the night although I'm not entirely sure how long it has left in it, so I'm all over ebay to get my mitts on a fair priced 88 key stage piano!



I just feel awesome!



It's great how a good gig can do that for you and it will probably be the last gig I do until the tour so it's put me in a good space for that.




If last night wasn't great enough, today me and Ray finished another song on the album and it's way more than I ever hoped it would be. I really can't wait to start sharing this all with you but I'm not going to rush. There's no pressure or deadline here.



Just a quick blog today because I'm just absolutely beat but really wanted to check in with you all!



Big Love



Ryan James


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