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The welsh hills have no eyes...or wifi....


The country side was beautiful. I truly didn't expect to see such beautiful rolling hills, inspiring coast lines and wonderful sights on the welsh coast ( including spotting a pod of dolphins! ). Me and Stu went to a lodge to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and we took the dog with us. It was rural, welsh speaking and tucked away in the middle of no where. There was no wifi, no phone reception and 4 tv channels. I took my art journals and Stu took a computor game and we unwound into the hills and the trees around us. We accidentally trespassed into someone's farm and stood in way too many lumps of sheep poo but it was all part of the fun really. After last year I saw more clearly than ever the importance of getting away from our routine more regularly and this lodge was the perfect little getaway. I would definitely do it again, maybe not to the same lodge, not because I didn't love it but just to see if somewhere else could be as relaxing as this was.



Now that we are back the inevitable has happened. Stu has a sniffle! So I'm back to being florence nightingale!.. but it's not all bad. The weather here in my lovely little city is horrendous today so it's the perfect time to cuddle up with a laptop and some hot drinks. This week is going to be all about writing for me. I am absolutely determined to finish off my novel. The fun part is done, the story telling is all over, it's all the fiddly bits, full stops and grammar that I am going over. Plus I found a few plot holes that I can't believe I missed but seeing as it's the first novel I've ever written then I'm giving myself a break. It's been a whole year in the making and I have learned so much on this journey. I will probably write another one, this actual novel idea is meant to be part of a series of books which I will invest in anyways but as usual, so many ideas have floated through my brain and now there's a list of about 9 or 10 books that I'd like to sink my teeth into writing.



One thing that has surprised me recently is the sudden resurgence of poetry and music in my system. It just seems to have popped up from no where and I have a tonne of ideas for songs to play and poems to write. I've been sharing my poems at local poetry nights and it's gone across well! I'll share all my songs and poems with you as I go along but I am definitely in the mood to record another album soon. The last one was heavily produced, bells and whistles everywhere. I love it but really haven't done much with it. The new stuff I'm writing is the complete opposite. It's bare bones. It's story telling. It's still my emotional experience but it's stripped right down. I can't wait to finish writing it all and recording. Who knows, I might even gig this one!



The wind is howling and my boyfriend needs me so I'll leave it there with you for today but I will catch up with you in the week!



Thank you,



Big Love,



Ryan James



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