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Tour Break Gossip!


Tour Break Gossip



Ok, so it's half way through the tour and I am back at home in bed catching up on some well deserved Z's. I ate my own body weight in chocolate and crap yesterday and I am about to suffer this afternoon in the Gym. I thought I would give you a little update on how everything is going with the gigs and fill you in on the news. I'll go venue by venue just to make it easier for myself!




The Full Moon



Firstly, THANK YOU to Mistress Lucy Turtle for getting me and all my equipment there, you are a real trooper and a true supporter of independent, live music!


The club itself was pretty much as expected of any live music venue in Wales ( quirky, interesting with a bathroom like a scene from a SAW movie ) and the sound was awesome. Seeing as it was the first gig of the tour I was nervous but a gentle calm came over me when I stepped on stage. I started to share my life, my stories and my music and it all just felt “right”. Added to the good vibe was meeting creators of an online magazine ( Bunbury Magazine ) who gave me a killer review for my set. After a massive pack down and a game of car Jenga with equipment we all managed to get everything packed away and bundle ourselves off to various houses, sofas and park benches to sleep for the night. All in all an awesome tour send off!





The Asylum 2



This was a bigger venue than I am used to! Being an acoustic act it's been a big adjustment playing on rock stages but the sound I have been given has added an awesome and interesting wallop to my music which I am definitely seeking now! The venue did get a little excited with the smoke machine and I felt like I was Sigourney Weaver in “Gorillas in the Mist” , only, a bit gayer. However, despite there being a little flatness in the vibe there that night ( not sure if it was all the tired musicians or the crowd or just the place ) I had a lot of fun. This time packing down included the van and we rumbled into the travel lodge at silly in the morning. I shared a room with the Owen-Midlanes and was left wide eyed at three in the morning deciding who snores loudest, Maria or a T – Rex? I got to catch up with my good friends Kelly and Jim and was actually asked to sign one of my art freebies so I of course spent the rest of the evening pretending I was a celeb! haha




The Corporation



This was a strange one. Apparently the promoter had put on another night, in another venue and had promoted that one instead of ours AND seemed to have charged us for the pleasure, but, it was actually my favourite gig so far. Not only because I met some cool new people, not just because my friend Nicki Hobbs from DEVOLUTION magazine sent some awesome people to review the gig but because the ENTIRE bunch of tour mates seemed to really pull together. I think we could all sense it was going to be a tough night crowd wise and an instinctive protective big brother type energy took over. Sankara and Noterminus REALLY looked after me and each other that night and it felt amazing. The venue itself was blatantly haunted and I don't mean by the spirit of cheated musicians PLUS I had my first DIVA moment of the tour. Yes, I had a hat crisis. My bag of hats went temporarily missing and I nearly clicked my fingers in a Z formation all over the venue but thankfully I found them and no one had to die.


( RANDOM MOMENT : I went outside to phone Stuart and I saw Mike, the camera guy pull something out of his bag which turned out to be bag pipes!!! In moments he played the most magical music I have heard in ages and I caught it on my camera. GO to the Wolfe City facebook page to check it out! )



The Dutchess



Firstly, York is beautiful. Secondly the dutchess is MASSIVE. Thirdly, this seemed to be the most boob intensive gig I have ever been to. Everywhere I looked there were boobs. BOOBS. There were so many boobs at this gig that even Paul, our young muscle building gym addict stopped talking about protein for ten minutes and seemed to sit there dazed. ( or was he just concentrating? haha )


I will admit that by this gig I was KNACKARD but according to everyone else it was my best one so far. The Yodel at the end was my quickest one so I think my yodelling prowess is returning! Both Noterminus and Sankara were on fire that night and I really enjoyed having the time to really absorb their sets fully. After another lengthy pack down and a sleepy night at another travel lodge The 10 hour journey from York to Swansea began. I have never in my life sat down for so long but by nine o clock I was cuddled in bed with my boys ( Stu and dog ) happily getting my snore on and preparing for the next leg.



4 down, three to go. There's so much video footage and pictures to upload I will do it all properly when I get back and have more time but for now I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how it's going. If you have the time and ability to make it to the remaining gigs then please do so! It would be awesome to meet some of you face to face!


Big Love


Ryan James



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