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Tour Recap!


Tour Recap!



Well it's been a few days since I got back and I am now feeling back to something resembling human! I have walked the dog, watched more Walking Dead episodes than should be allowed and have almost public ally cried upon my return to the gym! I shall continue the tour gossip in the same manner as the last blog, venue by venue...



London : The Garage.


The venue was actually lovely and the sound was amazing! Sweet jesus the venue was hot though, it was like gigging in an oven but the night went well and although the crowd was a little sparse everyone enjoyed! I did what was possibly the best yodel of the tour and managed to meet some old friends while I was there! The only downside for the gig for me was the £4.69 for a pint. I swear I nearly choked on my own yodel!



Teignmouth : The Courtney



This was the gig that didn't happen for me. I had a dream the night before that it wasn't going to happen and when I arrived at the venue I knew exactly why. I never go down well in pub gigs. I've tried them over the years and have done more than my fair share and it always ends in disaster. So when I walked into the pub I just knew they weren't going to get me. On top of this was a mic shortage on the PA and a sound limit imposed by local residence so I took it as another sign that I was not supposed to play that night. So instead I took over the merch desk and did some drawings!


After the gig we all decided it was curry night and with a nice warm venue and a full belly the night ended well!




Bristol : The Tunnels



The last gig of the tour was by far my favourite. Everything was just lovely, we were all in a good mood and the sound and venue were lovely. It was a prank night so of course I got hit with a bra mid set ( and it was Maria's so it was NOT a small one ) so I did the only thing I could do in that moment. I put it on and sang madonna! I couldn't hang around for the rest of the gig because my Mr had driven up from Swansea so I could get home easier with all my equipment but I hear the pranks got bigger and better as the night went on!



I really did enjoy this tour. I was wondering for a while whether I'd truly enjoy playing music again and I did. Down to my boots I enjoyed myself. For now though it's about concentrating on finishing the new album and having fun with that. I can't wait to share new things with you.



Big Love



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