Ryan James


Tried something different?




 I know the feeling. You're not particularly uninspired but you are a little tired of everything that you're currently creating. I've been there, I've done it. That's why I try to do something new on nearly every painting I work on. A new technique, a new colour scheme, a new composition, I give it all a go. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but it does help me to stop getting bored. The problem is when you get bored doing the thing you love the most you just end up stopping. It's at that point you can end up taking too long a break and if you're anything like me you then automatically convince yourself that you are in some sort of creative block. It's a cycle that every artist in one shape or form understands. So stop it from happening. On your next canvas try painting something or in a way that you normally wouldn't. Try writing a short story about a subject that's far away from you. Try writing a song in a style you're not even interested in. Do it to keep your creative muscles flexible. At the very least it will entertain you and keep you from boredom, at best, it can open a door to a new way of viewing and participating within your own art. Give it a go! I dare you!



Love you bunches.



Ryan James x

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