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Welcome the Holemolies....

 I have so much to share at the moment I am practically frothing at the mouth! I've just come back from a small trip which was nothing short of sacred for me. I spent so much time in prayer and in connection that it actually healed something in me which I was afraid I'd lost a long time ago. I have woken up with such an intrinsic connection to passion again that I feel it's intrinsically shifting who I am. I am excited, eager and creatively brimming. One of the ideas it has brought back to the surface was an old picture book/childrens book I worked on years ago in my final year of Uni. I've decided to brush it off and start again with it. This last few weeks I've been quietly working on it but to be honest, like everything I've been doing lately it didn't seem to have much zest behind it. Now, I feel that giant inspirational rush towards it and if I'm honest, everything else as well! I have no idea how it's going to turn out which is half the fun. To be honest picture books and childrens illustration is something that I've loved for a while and it feels nice to finally put some of my degree to use too. Here are a few sketches from my old sketchbook, the original story is awful so I'm not keeping that but I think now that I can paint better and draw better than before I think I can do it some justice.



The story came to life after the passing of my grandpa so the character is based on him.






I'll share more as this journey continues! 


Thanks for tuning back in!


Big Mighty Love,


Ryan James x




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