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What's important for your creativity?


 I just unwound and fell into the meditative pattern of pen to paper. Watercolour, pencils, pen, ideas, no finished pieces just the place to explore whatever is in my head. I love sketchbooks and last Saturday I curled up for a whole day with mine. I will admit that I am trying to make my sketchbooks look a little more “pretty” this year but that's O.K. My main objective is the use of colour. I love pencil drawings and I have another idea in my head for one at the moment which I might get to this weekend but for right now 20 to 30 minutes a day in my sketchbook is keeping me going. I do wish that I could work full time as an artist sometimes. It would be nice if this meditation could be more dominant in my life but I know that if I did that then I'd miss everything else. I'm constantly in the middle of a juggling act trying to find the right amount of time to devote to each of my creative passions. I envy those people who have just the one. I watched a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert and she spoke about how she knew from the age of 7 that she wanted to be a writer and that was it. What's weird is that I had the exact same idea. I remember telling my family at that age that I was going to write books and maybe be a journalist. Then I grew up and whilst technically I kind of write columns here in my blog and my books are coming together I fell over so many other things that excited me just as much.



At 16 I found music and song writing, the same year I found art and painting. After that I just became open to almost every form of creativity I could get my hands on. Some of it I stayed with, others I tried and let go. There are things that I still want to try and I plan to approach them when I have the time. Creativity itself is such a strange burden. I've learned to love it, accept it and to follow it just as much as I've learned to compartmentalise it and keep it in context to everything else that's important to me. It's a wonderfully delicate balancing act and one that I spend my entire life figuring out. I watch as my mind gathers ideas and then I find time and just funnel them onto a page. More and more I'm learning that these times are sacred. Not only do I need them, I try my best to ensure that they are a part of my daily routine but the best times are when I look at a day and I have nothing on my to do list ( or to be more accurate, nothing IMPORTANT on my to do list ) and I can just sit there in a giant creative mess and play. I think creativity is mandatory for well being, it certainly has been for me.



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