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Why the hell am I angry?

(photo by Lasma Poisa )


Why the hell am I angry?



I think I've had my first anxiety dream about the up coming tour, the only problem is, I can't remember it. I only know that I woke at half four this morning feeling randomly angry at the man who is currently trying to rescue my piano. I don't know why, he hasn't done anything wrong! My gut is in knots this morning and I haven't even left the bed yet.



I gave my busted piano to a good friend who tried to fix it but couldn't get to the inside of the piano to actually fix the problem but he referred me to someone who is looking at it as we speak. Worst case scenario is that I have to buy a new one ( thankfully I have created some spare cash at the moment to do it ) and I have rung ahead to the places I'm going to buy from to make sure it can arrive in time if the piano can't be sorted, meanwhile I'm on the prowl to borrow one as a severe, just in case scenario. Wish me luck on that front!



I have also had a tonne of ideas for new songs for the next collection, a tonne of new ideas for my next exhibition and a tonne of new ideas for books that I'm going to write and this madness all starts once I get back from this tour. At the moment all of my spare time is taking up emailing people to let them know where and when I'm going to be playing. For me, that's one of the fun things to do, taking time to get to know the people who enjoy your music. I can't wait to make some new friends and get some new experiences and then not long after I get back, fingers crossed the album should be near completion and I can start the packaging process to get it out to you all.



For now, I think I need to work out my anxiety on the treadmill and keep connecting with everyone.



Speak to you all soon



Big Love



Ryan James



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