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It's been another minute hasn't it?! I took a social media break in September because I was starting to feel a bit stressed out and I was putting pressure on myself to make work relentlessly rather than just letting it flow. It's a weird space to be in because I know I work better when I keep working, meaning I don't wait for inspiration to strike to pick up a pen. I have a few habits that keep momentum going like starting a few sketchbooks at a time or making sure that as soon as one painting is finished I start another one that day. I work in batches which is something that I've found is a way to keep me more productive but there is a difference between just keeping yourself going and working with your own lash at your back. I also felt like I was starting to make work “for” social media rather than for myself which is never a great route for me to go down. I came back with the intention of throwing myself into inktober which is a monthly art challenge for October but the first week I got sick and since then when I did try to catch up or think of fun things to make it became not fun very quickly. So I'm just back at the canvas for now, playing gently as I go along.



Now that we are officially in Autumn I've been thinking a lot about how this year has been going. It's been a challenge in many ways. It's been nearly a year since we moved house and I've settled into a new art space. I've actually been really productive this year. I've got over 100 sale-able pieces, everything from watercolours to giant canvas' and I feel like I've caught up from the creative stalemate I had last year. Now come my plans for 2019. At the moment I am feeling a pull towards my writing. I have so many half written novels, sketched out chapter outlines and half filled sketchbooks with ideas for picture books and something in them is starting to tug at my spirit. I think next year I won't be focussing that much on canvas work but instead I will focus more on getting these picture books done. I'm drawing up my plans and am getting ready to write. I have so many novels I want to finish, some personal memoirs I want to write and some books for my day job as a medium. I'm doing all I can to get ready for what I think is going to be another productive year!



As the days shorten and the nights draw in it's time to get back to writing with candles and incense in the background. It's a magical feeling and one that offers me great perspective. I was thinking recently about everything that I do creatively and the place that it has in my life as I grow up. The music, the writing, the art, for years I felt like I had to choose one of them and that idea was supported by everyone around me but to be honest, each of my creative outlets is as vital to me as the rest. They work like seasons in a way. Painting and art is my favourite meditation. Writing is the prism through which the world and my thoughts make sense to me and music, music connects me to the idea of possibility. When I sit at the piano it feels like I am talking directly to the Universe and for a time I am in sync with the idea of potential. I lost that for a little while but now it's back. I need all three of these outlets and right now I think writing will start to be more dominant along with music. I feel like my creative seasons are changing. Don't worry I'll still be making art and I am still open for any interesting commission work I just think it's time to get my picture books in order!



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