Making a witches den!


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I'm sat here right now with my desk covered in pencils, markers, paints, sage, with candles burning and a cold cup of tea. Sounds romantic right? The artist dream? Maybe I should playfully smudge a bit of paint on my cheek and laugh disproportionately as I dip my paint brush into my tea? Maybe not... lol There's so much mess in my art space that I'm actually starting to avoid coming in here. My environment is key when it comes to creating. I need everything to be accessible to me. I need to see my sketchbooks, my paints, my pieces in progress but not so much so that they start to feel invasive because at that point I just get overwhelmed. One of my major projects this year is to completely re design my art space so that it functions like a piece of art itself. I've started to collect pieces to display and I'm choosing colours and pieces of furniture so that when I come in here I feel invited rather than making a conscious effort to not step on something! Im leaping into my room like Crouching gay boy Hidden drama and it's not a good start to my project making...



Making art is alchemy for me. I love making the whole process a spiritual experience. I litter my space with crystals and incense so that I can just sink into the flow of making. Now that I've grown a little it's time for me to take that whole practice a step further. I think for years I've just “made do” when it comes to my art space. I have old furniture and so many things that are just no longer fit for purpose. Part of my personal commitment to art this year means I am more focussed on giving myself the right space for me to work in. I deserve it, I need it, I want it and I'm having it. I have plans drawn up and I'll start purchasing as soon as money allows.



I am of course, looking for tips! As this space grows into a “witches den” I am going to need to Marie Kondo the crap out of everything ( isn't she a little piece of Japanese magic though? I'm obsessed! ). It's exciting to see what this space is going to grow into and I wonder if it will influence my art at all? I just feel like I need a more grown up place to play. I can't spend 30 minutes looking for a pencil sharpner every time I sit down to draw something! It also means I am going to have to start making more of an effort to sell my canvas' because my pet peeve happened recently, I accidentally jabbed a hole in a finished canvas because it was in the way. I hate seeing art destroyed because I didn't spend enough time trying to find someone to love it. That in itself is becoming a small mission for me.



Updates to my shop and website are happening over the next few weeks so expect to see more! Plus, I'm thinking of doing a giveaway for next month!



Big Love,



Ryan James x

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