March Madness.


Hello loves,



The red sketchbook is finally finished so one of my missions this week is to figure out how to use imovie and start bringing to you my vlogs again. It's insane how quickly time is going. Pretty much all my free time is being eaten up with fitness stuff and although I have made a significant dent in my goals that way ( over a stone down ) it's taking away too much from my creativity. I'm having to section things into my day in a way that I'm not actually enjoying them. I like to take my time over a painting. I like to sit there for hours and just lose myself in the meditation of creating. Fitting in 30 minutes can take the edge off but it doesn't really put me in that zone. Thankfully the Universe is amazing. My trainer has moved gyms to somewhere I can only get to on weekends, leaving my Thursdays free to create again! I swear I'm blocking a whole day this week to sitting my bum down and painting.



I use my Thursdays also to catch up with people and generally scrape together some sort of a social life. I like to meet friends for coffee, go out on longer walks with the dog and just go on small adventures when and where I can. On a piece of paper in front of me as I write this actually says “Say yes to coffee!”. It's there to remind me not to become a hermit, a tendency I'm afraid I have from time to time. Even though I am going to aim to get the first draft of my book finished this month I finally have a day a week again to play with paints. So expect new stuff soon!



Also, as you are reading this there will be a sale on my facebook page. I'm clearing out some space in my studio before I start decorating in a few months. I Marie Kondo'd it a while ago so the “sale pile” is all set up and raring to go! If you see something you love then let me know because it's first come and first served. I think I've left enough room for people to recover after the holidays and half term so if you fancy a piece, I've kept them cheap, go see!



Thanks for reading,



Big Love



Ryan James x

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