The sun will continue to rise...


Hello loves,



So February has almost happened and I know you're thinking the same thing as I have so much to do and already 2019 has thrown some serious curve balls my way. Migraines, anxiety, poorly hubby, insane workout routines and of course that nagging habit of needing a life! Still though, I have it on good authority that tomorrow the sun will rise giving me a full new opportunity to start again. Tomorrow I get the opportunity to pick up a pencil and catch an idea, improve a technique or just soothe my mind by doodling something. It really doesn't matter how much or how little I do, so long as I do something. And yes future self reading this back, resting and appropriate breaks still counts as something.



I am not as far as I'd like to be with the re do of my old picture book idea but at least it's written and the designs are set out. I am not as far as I'd like to be into the edit of my novel but at least the first draft is done. I am not as far as I'd like to be with my music album but, at least I am doing full rehearsals now and my voice is back. Creatively things are starting to pick back up. It's points like this where I realise the value of self imposed deadlines. I'm making plenty and there's plenty more to come!



I'll keep you posted!



Big Love



Ryan James x

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