Gentle rain.


Gentle rain.



In anticipation of gentle rain

in the wanting of dry mouths.

Bare feet brave hot sands


Why fear the sun when we are made of light?

It takes one more drop of water in the ocean

to break every damn

and flood every city.

It takes one more act of love

to heal every fear

and remind hearts that they are mighty.

Do not underestimate

the pitter patter of gentle feet

and the beating of wings.

Delicate feathers when banded together

take flight.

Lay with the meek

and on subtle exhales

we become life's calligraphy.

Are you brave enough to bow?

Are you strong enough to fall?

A river is a million unrecognised acts of courage

and life so bright it cannot be unseen.

All of this

we are

when we learn to breathe.


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