She kisses my face.


She kisses my face.




Oh, how I love you.

Walking on the gentle exhale of natures light

thoughts delight in the sun's gentle reflection

on dew covered leaves.

I lean gently with the trees

into the wind.

She kisses my face.

Too often we forget the resistance of grace.

Life made easy is to choose ease.

Life made dark is to choose darkness.

We sit alongside our own river and streams

and play with the nature of the stars.

To find meaning is a fools errand

to be happy meaning exists

is a gentle shift in wrists leaning skyward.

These are our times

we wrote them before we knew of pens.

We can erase but never start again.

Oh how I love you.

I seek you in the rain

as she cleans what's in front of me

so I may follow fully, consciously

not knowing where to go

but knowing she has paved the way.

I arrive at the beginning

and then the next

when I realise clarity is only knowing

that I have life left ot live,

she kisses my face.

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