Southern winds.


Southern Winds.




You are the action of wonder

and the unyielding light,

kept in the whispering flowers of storytellers.

I hold you to me

and find mountains where lips smile.

Loving you has changed me,

Loving you has made me

the man I always wanted to be.

I inhale so deeply I don't want to blink,

just sink into the holding of hands

and watch unmade and unwanted plans

fall into the shape of this love.

This love, once reticent.

This love, the taste of rain.

This love, a morning sun.

This love, falling sands

through fingers outstretched in hands facing skyward.

Your eyes are a blessing

and your sleep an unawakened robin

perched in the safety of green leaves.

I love your magic.

Can we be anything more than the next step we take?

With you I want to find out.

And grow into the shape of trees

willing to bow to southern winds.


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