Viking to bear.


Viking to bear.



Thought deep in the sanctity of restless sleep

I joyously wrestle with a talkative night

chatter bites at a mind unkept

and brings to the drawing board all the experiences

I have swept under the lining of a life that looks managed.

You can't build a castle on a foundation that's damaged.

You are born of Kings

the evolution of a scripture

adding your own colour to a badly drawn picture

Unravelling old truths in my heart I know

inner peace is the soil on which integrity grows.

I wash blood of my own streets

Protect earths's forgotten daughter

trying to find God in the stillness of water

The rivers, the oceans, the movement of grass

time passes quickly

the soul lives in a glass house.

It can see what you do.

Which of the paths you decide to choose.

Judgement is a voice inside your own head

it can blur the lines

create moral distortion

kindness is a fire of biblical proportion

So burn the boundaries of governments, mass corporate

feel the heat of your passion as your conscience turns pulpit

Make mighty your shoulders

write music beyond stave

don't let your actions become a mass grave

What will your litter of breadcrumbs say?

Can you stay stand fast to your moral compass?

Does your inner world run rich with fondness

for all life, from Viking to bear.

A fistful of compassion will take you there.


  • ltonDrymn


    I am ltonser. I need help. What can i do it?

    I am ltonser. I need help. What can i do it?

  • woodiskingser


    ich habe ein Problem mit diese

    ich habe ein Problem mit diese

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